Student Work, 2024
How can Acorns leverage the existing “loud budgeting” community on TikTok to introduce a new customer to their mobile app?

For loud budgeters, investing feels like an unattainable step in reaching financial freedom. Through Acorns Academy, investing wil be seamlessly introduced to their lives by blending their media consumption habits with their financial goals. 

Discovery: Reaching the Loud Budgeting Community through TikTok 

Connection: Using TikTok’s Highlighted Search Feature to Bring Users to Acorns 

Development: Analogy for Implementation

Acorns Academy takes something we’re all familiar with - school -  and takes inspiration from a successful application-based learning model - Duolingo - to lower the overwhelming barriers to investing.  

Generation: Using Acorns Recaps to Maintain Engagement

How can we keep users around after they graduate? Acorns Recaps allow them to share their investing habits over the last 30 days.

AI Customer Persona: 

Talk with Mia Chen, a formless persona trained using strategic notes on the intended “loud budgeting” audience.  

Credits: Anna Myers (AD), Smera Dhal (AD) & Claire Snyder (XD)

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